Marketing Your Property 
• Local advertising and detailed, easy to use website 
• Analysis of the property and neighborhood 
• Suggest improvements for maximum rent 
• Full maintenance crew to assist owner in making improvements

Screening for the Most Qualified Tenants 
• Credit check and evaluation 
• Verification of all applicant’s income and job history 
• Interview previous landlords to establish rental history 
• Unlawful Detainer record check to ensure no prior evictions

Leasing the Property 
• All contracts contain the most current disclosures and protections available to  
   the property owner as recommended by the Alaska Landlord Tenant 
• Tailored lease agreements to fit your wants and needs 
• Collect rents and security deposits 
• Signed and verified Move In/Move Out Inspections check list

Property Maintenance 
• Owner authorization required for repairs over $500, except in emergencies 
• Owner option to select, supervise and directly pay for any repairs 
• Tenants contact us for repairs and all issues relating to the property 
• Serve all Tenant Notices and provide Eviction Services

Property Finances 
• Monthly computerized reports and bill paying 
• Competitive pricing 
• No FEE during vacancies 
• Annual statement for filing taxes

Future Property Evaluations
• Full Service Brokerage Firm  
• Competitive Sales percentage to owners
• Free CMA for potential Sale
• Licensed Brokerage and Sales Agents

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