Shar Schuening has been in real estate for over 22 years. She has a high level of experience and expertise in Property Management and the issues that come with both tenants and rentals. Shar holds a bachelors degree in Business and an Associates Degree in Accounting.

Shar was an accountant for over 15 years prior to becoming a Real Estate Broker so she has an added background to help you maximize your income potential for your rentals.


All of our agents are personally trained by the Broker and are expected to hold a higher standard of integrity and professionalism in regards to our rentals, tenants and owners.

We have retained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years!
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"Shar has been one of the best property managers I have ever dealt with. We have always been upfront and honest with her, and she has always gone out of her way to help us. 
 Shar found a tenant to take over my 1 year lease after my being in it for less than 3 months, due to my having to move for work on short notice, saving me thousands of dollars!
 Problems with the homes have always been promptly addressed. I have dealt with Shar for going on 6 years, at 3 different properties!"  A. Makarewicz - Tenant

"We are so thankful we found Shar. She took on our property right away and she filled it quickly. You can tell how much she loves her job by the amazing work she does. She is knowledgeable, professional, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great property manager!" A. Chiappone - Owner

"I was moving to AK and thought we had a house through another management company but once we arrived that was not the case. We contacted Shar from Alaska Diversified Properties and within one day she found us the perfect home. She was so knowledgeable about the area and rentals. I would recommend her to everyone looking for a rental." J. Meyers - Tenant

"This company has taken great care of our houses. Quick response to any problems, and Shar is very thorough with the rental process. It gives us peace of mind." - J. Marioni- Owner

"Alaska Diversified Properties is the best property management in the Valley! I have rented from them for years and I would recommend them to everyone. As a renter they were great with responding to repairs and helping me find a bigger place. Then when I was ready to buy they sold me the rental I was in. I now am an owner of three rental properties and they manage them all. I would tell anyone about them that was looking for a property manager"  J. Miller - Tenant 

"Shar is just the best manager. I have had her for over 15 years as my property manager for multiple properties. - P. Nichols - Multiple Property Owner

"I wanted to tell the military about the Alaska Diversified Properties and their great work they do. These guys answer their phone, repair the units when you call, show clean houses and listen to your needs. They will help you find a house prior to your PCS date. Call them for all your rental or sales needs. We have been renting from them for over four years and they are awesome! We recommend them to everyone! I have been in the military over 15 years in many states and these guys are the best management company we have ever had! Call them for all your real estate needs. You will not be sorry."  R. Williams - Tenant

"Shar at Alaska Diversified Properties has been our best property manager hands down.  We had tried four other agencies in the Valley and found they did not rent our places in a timely manner nor communicate with us when we would call with questions. We would recommend Shar to anyone looking for a property manager. Her professionalism, knowledge of the areas she is renting and her upbeat attitude shows she really loves her job. She has not only made us money on our rentals but helped us now build our portfolio for retirement. We began with only two duplexes and now own over twelve multi and single family rentals.  We recommend her to all looking for a great property management company."  Mr. and Mrs. Vandeguard - Multiple Property Owners

"I have had a lot of property managers in the past and I have found that Shar at Alaska Diversified Properties is the best manager that I have ever had. Not only did she help me find the house I wanted to move to AK but then worked with the military and myself to get into the house. As I have been her tenant for three years now, she always responds to our repairs requests in a timely manner and is always professional while dealing with her. She has went well beyond her management to help us as tenants. If you want a great management company, call her you will not be sorry."  H. Victor - Tenant

"We would recommend Shar of Alaska Diversified Properties to everyone looking for a rental! She repairs anything we call about and she is a great manager. Then she sold our home for us, if you are looking for a rental or a property manager, call her! - M. Waldron - Owner

"I have rented from them in many houses and always got the full deposit back. They are great managers and they know their stuff when it comes to property management and real estate. I would recommend them to everyone."  - J. Comey - Tenant 

"Alaska Diversified Properties saved my home from foreclosure. Shar and her staff are the best there is in property management! They were professional, quick in renting the place and they have monthly statements that show me where my money is going. I am actually out of foreclosure and making money. I recommend them to all looking for a rental or needing to rent their home. I thank god I found them! - N. Welsh - Owner

"I have a very wonderful experience with Shar and her company. We are military and came to Alaska without a home. She has helped us find a home, repair anything needed and been a pleasure to work with. We are recommending her to all Military Personnel. She makes our moves easier. - Ms. Wellington - Tenant